Viewing eZeePOS Transactions on eZeePOS Office

It is possible to view all finalised and currently active transactions through eZeePOS Office. This is useful as it allows for the customer to keep an eye on transactions even when they aren’t near the terminal(s).

To do this, from the eZeePOS Office Dashboard, on the top bar, navigate to Reports -> EzeePos Transactions

This will take you to the following screen:

In here, choose the location you wish to view the transactions for and then hit Apply. This should then show you a list of all the Finalised transactions for the date range you have selected. If there are a lot of transactions then this will be across a few pages.

You can click View on the left-hand side of the transaction to view the information about the transaction. There is also a button at the top-right which can be used to download a copy of the receipt.

This transaction screen also allows for you to view transactions that have been opened but not yet finalised, otherwise labelled as Active. To do this, at the tabs at the top, select Active and you should then see a list of all of your active transactions. These can also be viewed to show what items are currently in the transaction.