Connecting Kitchen Video To eZeePOS

One useful integration with eZeePOS is the use of a Kitchen Video system, which allows for products to be sent to a kitchen display, a bit like how a kitchen printer works, so that a summary of all the items that need to be prepared are consolidated on the screen so the chef can see at a glance what needs to be prep’d. Here, we will go through how to set this up.

You will first need to ensure that you have a terminal running the Kitchen Video system, either on Android or Windows.. You will also need to ensure that the eZeePOS terminal and ETK are in the same network and IP range. Once you have confirmed this is all setup correctly, you can begin the setup in eZeePOS.

From the employee log on screen, press the 3 stacked dots at the top right of the screen, this will give you the option of [Enter Back Office], press this.

On this new screen you will have an option which says [Kitchen Video], press this.

As we have not yet setup the Kitchen Video, the next screen should be blank, with just two buttons at the bottom, one of these being [ADD NEW], press this.

You will now be taken to the setup screen where we can enter the Kitchen Video information. The first section is the Name, this just needs to be named something appropriate and related to where the Kitchen Video is, for example: Pizza Station. To do this, press the text box field underneath and this will open a keyboard which will allow you to enter the name.

Underneath this you will have the IP Address section. Here, you will want to enter the IP address of the Kitchen Video device. This will be something similar to (this will all depend on the IP range settings you have set up.

The final section is the Port Number. This defaults as 9100 and it is best to be left at this. This would only need to be changed if this has been changed manually on the Kitchen Video system.

Once you have entered this information, hit [SAVE] and then return to Register Mode. Now, any items you have setup for kitchen printing should go to the Kitchen Video system.