Enabling The Card Button When Not Using An Integrated Card Terminal

As default, the eZeePOS app will not have a card tender button available, only a cash tender key. This guide will go through how to enable a card button when not using an integrated card terminal.

You will first want to navigate to your Terminal Config settings. You can do this by going to Config -> Terminals -> EZP Terminals. On this page, press the Settings Cog icon of the terminal you wish to configure.

On the terminal config page, press the tab which says Payment Gateway.

Here, for Payment Provider, ensure that No Gateway is selected, and then underneath this, enable the option Show Card Button. There are also options to allow for the cash drawer to be fired and whether to prompt for gratuity if required. Once you have done this, click Save at the top-right of the page. Now, on the eZeePOS app, refresh your terminal data and you should then be able to see the card button when finalizing a transaction.