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Floating Operators & Tabs

As part of a multi-pos operation, it is important that operator’s can move around a system easily. With eZeepos any operator can start a Sale/Tab on one terminal and add to or finalise the sale on another terminal reducing bottle necks and speeding up service.

Operators can quickly move a tab to a Table/Check anywhere in the system ensuring no transactions are lost. Operator accountability is crucial to the smooth running of your business.

In addition, temporary tabs can be created and held against a customer name, location or  just as free text.  This can then be recalled at any time on any POS terminal that is connected in the system.


Unlimited Tabs

Unlimited tabs are available on eZeepos.  Allowing operators to start a transaction and temporary store for recall later.


Unlimited Operators

No limits to the number of operators.  An operator can start a transaction on one terminal and recall on another.


Unlimited Tables

Unlimited tables are available on eZeepos.  Table transactions are available across all terminals in the system

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Our systems are supplied by providers local to your business.  Full installation, training and on going support available at your business.