Installing AnyDesk on an iMin Device

AnyDesk allows for remote access to an iMin device. This is useful for quick support help and remote assistance should it be needed. Although most things can be amended via eZeePOS Office, there may be some settings that need to be changed specifically on the device, and AnyDesk allows this to be done remotely.

To install AnyDesk, you will first want to navigate to the iMin App Store. Here, you will want to search for the following:

– AnyDesk
– AdControl-AD1
– Anydesk AD2 Control Plugin
– ADControl Plugin Wishtel (Not every device will have this)

Once you have downloaded the AnyDesk app and it’s plugins, we will now need to enable the AnyDesk Control Service in the Android Accessibility Settings.

To do this, from the Android home screen, go to Settings. In here, swipe down until you get the option for Accessibility, press this. The very first option on the next screen should be AnyDesk Control Service AD1 underneath the Downloaded Apps header, press this. On the screen after this, you will have the option Use AnyDesk Control Service AD1, ensure that this is turned on. When turned on, this will open a dialog box asking if AnyDesk can take control of your device, if you are happy for this, press Allow.

Once done, close down the Settings window and open AnyDesk. You should now be able to remotely access the iMin terminal and control it from the remote location.