Making Your First Sale In eZeePOS

Now that you have done your initial setup of eZeePOS, you can begin operation.

The first screen which you will be greeted with is the employee sign-on screen. This is where the employees setup within the Back Office will show and can be used to sign-on.

You can sign-on simply by pressing the employee button. If the employee has no password set against them, it will take them straight to the Register Mode, however if the employee has a password set against them in the Back Office, it will prompt for a password which they will need to enter correctly in order to sign-in.

Once signed-on, you will be taken to the Register Mode. Here you can see the products which were created in the Cloud Back Office. Pressing one of these products will add it to the transaction. If there are more products than currently visible on the screen, you can swipe upwards to scroll through the list of products, as well as swipe downwards to go back once you reach the bottom of the list. To sell a product, simply tap on the product you wish to sell. At this point you may be asked to select a Dining Option (if this has been enabled on eZeePOS Office). If the product has no memo or product list links, this will appear straight away in your transaction window, however if it does, these will appear first.

You can also change the order in which the products show on this screen (they will still be ordered by the product group) within their respective group. To do this, press the 3 stacked dots at the top-right of the screen. In here, there will be an option for [Change Product Sorted Order], press this and you will then be able to choose which order the products show in, this being Natural, Description & Product Id.

If you wish to find out more information about the product, such as Allergens or who the product may be unsuitable for, any notes the product may have, or to do a Merchandise Return, simply hold your finger down on one of the products and this will display any further information. There is an option as well to print-out this information if required. This window also allows you to add multiple of that item by editing the number or pressing the ‘+’ button.

When an item is in the transaction window, there are a couple of extra things that can be done whilst it is in there. If you put your finger on an item in the transaction window and swipe to the left, this will allow you to either:

  • – Add this item to the transaction again, which can be done by pressing the ‘+’
  • – Add a note should any extra information be required about that item during the transaction

If you swipe to the right however, this will give you the option to void the item from the transaction or add an item adjustment (adjustments will require setup on the Cloud first)

eZeePOS also allows for groups to be setup to filter what products display on the screen, this is useful for scenarios where you have a lot of products and are only looking for ones in a specific group. You will first need to link your products to their relevant groups in the back office.

Once this is done, in Register mode at the top of the screen there is a drop-down box which says All Items. If you press this, it will allow you to choose which group of products to display. Selecting one of these will then show any products within this group on the screen. For help on how to set this up, please go to the following guide: Adding eZeePOS Screen Drop Down Groups

You can search for a product by pressing the Product Search button at the top-right of the screen. You just need to press the blank text box field, enter the name of the product via the keyboard that appears and then press [SEARCH].

To finalize a sale, on the bottom of the transaction window is the [PAY] button. This button is used to take the employee to payment screen, in order to finalize the transaction.

In here, you can review the items in the transaction, and if the customer is happy to pay, you can press either the Cash or Card media keys to finalize. If the customer is over-tendering or paying part tenders, you can enter the amount via the number-pad and then press one of the media keys.

Depending on the settings in the Cloud Back Office, it may also display the change to give to the customer on the screen.