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Dynamic Screens

One of the most time consuming maintenance tasks is to add new products to the relevant screen display.

With eZeepos we’ve removed this headache with our Dynamic screen feature.  Just add your product and assign it to one or many screen groups and the product will appear on the screen(s) you’ve assigned.

So, for example you may have an item that can be a starter and a main course.  Just create the item and assign it to the screen group you want and the item will display, on those screens


Dynamic Screens

No more creating products screens. eZeepos creates the screen depending on items designated to that screen


No limitation

There are no limitation to the number of screens and an items can be designated to more than one screen


Time Saving

With the advent of dynamic screens, product creation and menu changes a phenominally quicker to implement.

Support your need when you need it.

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Our systems are supplied by providers local to your business.  Full installation, training and on going support available at your business.