Configuring And Enabling Dining Options On eZeePOS

eZeePOS has the functionality of usage of different dining options depending on what the customer is doing. This can then make amendments to how the tax is calculated. For example, if a customer has ordered their food for take-out, this may then exclude VAT as they are not sitting in. This guide will go through how to setup these different delivery options and use them in EzeePOS. Please Note: as this is using different tax rates, you will first need to have tax rates setup. For help on how to do this, please refer to the following guide: Creating Tax Rates In EzeePOS Office

First, you will want to navigate to your terminal settings. You can get here by going to Config -> Terminals -> EZP Terminals. You will now be able to see your list of terminals. Click the Settings Cog icon on the terminal you wish to configure the Dining options for. On the configure screen, click the tab which says Dining Options

The options available for the Dining options are:

Enable Dining Options: If ticked, this will enable Dining options for usage on the EzeePOS app.

Eat In / Take Out / Delivery Text: These fields allow you to change the descriptor of each Dining option.

Shift Tax On Eat In / Take Out / Delivery: If ticked, when a Dining Option is in use, the tax rates will shift from 1-5 to 6-10, i.e., a product that uses tax rate 1 will shift to tax rate 6. For example, there may be products that are vatable when eating in, but non-vatable when taken out. VAT Rate 1 would be set to 20% and VAT rate 6 set to 0%. If Take Out is set to Shift Tax, this will use VAT Rate 6 rather than VAT Rate 1, thus setting the VAT Rate to 0%.

Price Level: A price level can be set for each Dining Option. Each dining option may use a different price, and if a price level is set here, when the dining option is selected, it will use this price level.

Once you have setup your Dining options, hit Save in at the top-right of the screen.

On the EzeePOS app, we will now want to refresh your terminal’s data. Once you have done this, when going into Register Mode and selling your first product, it should prompt you for which Dining Option you wish to use. You can see which Dining Option is being used by looking at the top of the transaction window.