Creating Group Classifications in eZeePOS Cloud Office

Group Classifications are used to group groups together. This would be used for scenarios like food and drink, where you would have a WET group for all the drinks, and a DRY group for everything food related. When running a report, you will then be able to see financial totals for each of these classifications, as well as the individual group totals as well.

To create a group classification, you will first want to navigate to Maintenance and then Group Classifications. You should now been on a screen that looks similar to the below image:

On this screen, click the New Class button at the top-left of the screen. This will take you to the New Group Class screen:

Class Id: This is the class identifier, this can be set as a custom number, you will just need to ensure that it is not one that is already in use.

Description: This is the group classification description for eZeePOS Office. This is what you will see when running reports on eZeePOS Cloud Back Office.

Nominal Code: The nominal code is used for Sage reporting, you will need to get this from Sage directly.

Exclude From Reports: If this is ticked, then this group classification will be excluded from reports.

Once you have entered the fields you need, click Save and you should now see your new group classification in the list.