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Product Sizes

Each product created in eZeepos has up to three different sizes.  When the item is selected by the operator they are then prompted to enter the size.  This is a great feature to upsell to the larger size.

In addition dependant on the size that is sold the correct stock inventory is also deducted and relevant price charged.  A typical example of this would be Large, Medium or Small chips or maybe 3 different sizes of wine.

If eZeepos is integrated to our kitchen order system, the relevant size will be display on the preparation screen.



3 different sizes

Each product has up to three different sizes. At point of sale the operator is prompted for the size the customer wants


Upsell Product

The prompt to the operator to ask “Which size would you like..?” Is an opportunity to upsell to the larger size.


Correct Inventory

When the product sizes is selected the correct units of stock will be deducted from the stock record.

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