Changing The Price Level For A Transaction

In the product programming, you may have setup a product with different price levels. This means that if a different price shift is used in EzeePOS, the product will be sold at the current price shift. This guide will show how to change the price shift on the eZeePOS app to use the different price levels.

Once signed in as an employee, there are two ways in which we can change the price level.

The first way and the most easiest way is on the transaction window, there will be some text which says PL:1 / PL:2 / PL:3 / etc. depending on what price level is currently set. To change this, simply tap this and you will then be prompted for which price level you want to use.

The other way of doing is pressing the 3 stacked dots at the top-right of the screen. On this menu, press the Other Options button. This will then take you to a new menu. Here, press the option which says Change Price Level. This will then allow you to choose which Price Level to use. Select one of the 6 price levels and this will apply to this to the transaction.