Adding Manager Restrictions to functions on eZeePOS

There are a number of different functions available within eZeePOS, it may be required that some of these functions are restricted to management only. This can be set in the terminal configuration settings within eZeePOS Office.

To get to these settings, from the eZeePOS dashboard navigate to Config -> Terminals -> EZP Terminals. In here, find the terminal you wish to add the management restrictions to and press the Settings Cog icon, this will take you the terminals configuration page.

The bottom of this page has a row of different tabs, you will want to press the one which says Manager Options.

The functions which can be manager restricted are the following:

– Change Price Level

– View Finalised Transactions

– Paid Out

– Change Transaction Description

– Merge Transactions

– Received on Account

– Change Mode

– No Sale

– Print Bill

– Cancel Sale

To set the manager restriction, simply tick the box on the functions you wish to restrict and once done click Save at the top right of the screen. After this you will then need to refresh the terminal data.