Digital Receipts (E-Receipts)

Enhance your customer marketing database. Captcha customer email addresses at the point of sale terminal by offering to send their receipt to a nominated email address.

Digital receipts are normally sent via EPOS, e-mail or an app. Unlike paper receipts, e-receipts are used to reduce paper usage. These e-receipts are used to inform the customer of promotions and discounts.

Another important purpose is to use the digital receipts as a marketing instrument. Another reason for the use of e-receipts is business intelligence. Through the usage of these e-receipts, companies can track their customers easier in terms of purchases, which supports the business intelligence.

Through this companies can adapt their marketing campaign towards the customers. The e-receipt helps to connect customers to their in-store purchases. Merchants can issue e-receipts using own EPOS or use external services. Possible ways of distributing the email receipts may be to send an e-mail or text via to mobile.

Just some of the key features available for eZeePos:-
Floating Operators & Tabs  I  Dynamic Screen Set-Up  I  Remote Services  I  Promotions  I  Food Allergens  I  Price Levels

Help Save Paper
Unlike paper receipts, e-receipts are used to reduce paper usage, money and waste.
Use e-receipts to inform your customers of promotions and discounts.
Adapt and tailor marketing campaigns based on your customers spending habits.

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